Return of the Orange Virgin


a day to rattle the attics of Infinity

She was the Fata Morgana, Queen Mother of the World, and had built herself a love slave to assuage the lonely days. A handsome piece of work if she did say so herself—wide of shoulder, slim of waist, courteous, considerate, quick to restoke and deferential even when spent, a comely dream of passion fit to set mortal pulses pounding no less than hers. Not human and yet not of the gods, his discretion was guaranteed for at night she simply turned him off. But it was too easy—a household appliance, one would have hoped for more in a lover.

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somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known...

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known...

The Return of the Orange Virgin, an Armageddon-lite tale of the exiled Fata Morgana (Lady of the Wild Things, Queen of Heaven, etc., etc.) and her Ex, the Rider on the Storm, was first published online as a serial novel—monthly chapters lofted over three years (2006, 2007 and 2008). Audio files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, M4b audiobook) of the individual chapters are yours for a click on appropriate link above. Basically, the same stuff you snoozed through in Sunday school except the Other Side wins. And for you audacious broadband downloaders, get the entire book in one gigundous package—compressed (.zip) files are: The m4b Audiobook (335 mb) here, and the mp3 Audiobook (514 mb) here. Dr. Carl Sagan is responsible for the Somewhere, something quote above. Thanks, Doc.

The m4b compilation

(in three parts to be e-reader friendly) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (9½ hours total runtime) Why m4b? It will keep your place for you when you pause for a few hours, days, weeks. And you may access a list of chapters and you to hop around inside to browse. This book may be played in iTunes, Apple QuickTime, VideoLand VLC Mediaplayer, QuickTime, Mediaplayer Classic and your iPod player among others. And now at the Internet Archive—streamable, downloadable m4b Audiobook (the Advanced Audio Coding option), MP3 (the Variable Bit Rate option), and Ogg Vorbis versions.

Ogg Fish Ogg Vorbis?

Who wouldn’t prefer a compression technology inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld? Ogg is the enclosure, Vorbis the codec—more bounce to the ounce and at a potentially lower bit weight than MP3s. There is a panoply of Ogg Vorbis players out there—I use the VLC player; you can download it here. But then, I am a Windows 7 holdout. The Windows 7 operating system comes with the Ogg-friendly Windows Media Player 12. Windows 10? Before you backup everything and yank the big red lever there is reading to do. I am putting this one off for as long as possible; there is no Media Player packed with Win10. There are add-ons for older and newer devices, too. Mac? Yep. For OS X follow the bread crumbs at

The music

The author is indebted to the composers and performers for the music that ornaments the audiobook version of The Return of the Orange Virgin. All selections are licensed under the Creative Commons and remain the property of their creators.

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